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I just came across yet another story supposedly set during an unspecified period after the unmasking where Christine is visiting her 'Angel' daily under the Opera and/or chastely spending nights in his guest bedroom, while continuing to attend rehearsals above-ground, and the two of them are angsty and fluffy together now that she has got over her quite unreasonable reaction to his face and violent behaviour... except that this setting so beloved of fan-fiction, which indeed is virtually 'fanon' for their relationship, doesn't exist in any version :-(

There simply is no time in the story during which Christine resumes friendly relations with the Phantom after discovering the truth about him -- in the musical, she expresses fear of him on at least three separate subsequent occasions and never goes back until she is kidnapped in "Don Juan", and in the novel she goes back reluctantly and in a state of increasing terror and revulsion, until she feels compelled to confess the whole to Raoul because she is afraid of being forced back underground forever. Christine in canon doesn't ever co-exist happily with the Phantom once she realises that he is a creepy human and not an angelic voice; she may pity him, but she doesn't return to him on terms of friendly acquaintance, let alone affection.

I shouldn't get so annoyed at this fictional setting, given that E/C stories are inherently ignoring canon in principle, but for some reason I do...
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I didn't see the whole 2004 movie, but I heard there was a sword fight in it, so off to YouTube I went.

Why did we get that, and not the Phantom throwing fireballs like in the stage show? Did they not have what they needed for the fireball-throwing? Were they unable to film it? Or did they decide a sword fight was cooler?

I know very little about fencing and nothing about filming, and even I know that is NOT how you film a sword fight. *headdesk*

Christine's expression is all "WTF?" I sympathize.

Apparently Patrick Wilson did the whole thing without a stunt double. You know. Just in case I needed any more reasons to love Raoul.

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I love how Raoul gets all kinds of crap for eavesdropping on Christine a grand total of twice. Because it's not like Christine called him out on it. And everyone knows Raoul was the one who manipulated Christine, kidnapped her, and blackmailed her into agreeing to marry him.

Oh, wait.

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One of the things fans like to cite from Leroux (in addition to 'Raoul cries all the time, he's a real baby!') in order to 'prove' that Raoul is a bad choice for Christine is the fact that he supposedly decides that she must be having a steamy affair with another man based on nothing more than seeing a glimpse of her in a carriage window one night.

What they don't mention is where he sees her, and why he is so reluctant to believe Count Philippe on the subject in the first place. Christine has been spotted with an unknown man after dark in a carriage dawdling behind the stands at the Longchamps racecourse, which was, at this period, a notorious 'lovers' lane'.

Basically, anyone seen driving round aimlessly there after dark wouldn't have been doing it for the scenery. It was a place you went for activities you didn't want to be seen.

So when poor Raoul discovers that his lady-love has apparently been seen canoodling there in a closed carriage, he's horrified...

The F-word

Jul. 13th, 2017 04:11 pm
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From Dictionary.com:



1. a man who is excessively vain and concerned about his dress, appearance, and manners.

Does that sound like Raoul? I don't think so.

Why do Raoul's haters insist on calling him a fop? And how did Raoul get labeled a fop in the first place?
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Philippe's murder in Leroux is odd -- about fifty per cent of it really takes place in the prologue, really, at a point where the reader doesn't know or particularly care who any of these characters are (which is where we get the whole 'two ever-loving brothers in tragic conflict' thing). Yet after this dramatic set-up, when we eventually get to the scene in question the death and its consequences are almost airbrushed out. All the after-effects and the business about Raoul being suspected are only mentioned at the *start* of the story, not when the actual murder takes place. It's as if the author originally intended his finale to be much more of a Chagny-centric thriller plot, and then got distracted by the Phantom's woes ;-p

And then Erik denies the murder when the Daroga accuses him, despite the fact that Leroux definitely seems to intend 'the siren' to have killed a then-unknown intruder during the relevant chapter. We know (from his own lips) that Erik lies whenever it suits him, but it's not clear why he would bother to lie about that on his deathbed... but then it's not clear why he would have lied about the drowning being "the siren's fault" earlier on, either. Given that he comes back soaked from head to foot, I think we can conclude that he did his best to pull the same 'reed-breathing' trick on the Comte that Leroux shows him doing when he almost drowns the Daroga -- in fact, that may well be the purpose of that event in the novel, to prefigure Philippe's death (which, as I said, appears originally to have been trailed as the pivotal plot point of the story, only to get almost completely brushed over in the finished serial!)

So even if Philippe did, in a strictly literal interpretation of events, fall into the lake and drown there 'by accident', at the very least Erik headed out there underwater with the *intention* of killing him. And the all-too-obvious interpretation is that any 'accident' took place by Erik's direct contrivance :-(
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I hate Raoul-bashing. That's why I created this community in the first place. I look at all the Raoul-hating E/C shippers out there and sigh sadly.

But the thing is...I can't blame most of them.

Read more... )

Fic recs!

Jun. 23rd, 2017 08:22 am
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The owner of the sadly-now-defunct Society of R. A. O. U. L. webpage wrote three very silly parody fics about Raoul's fangirls saving him from various dangers: Rescuing Raoul, For the Love of a Vicomte, and The Admirers Strike Back (incomplete).
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1. A fop.
2. Abusive.
3. Unfaithful.
4. An alcoholic.
5. A gambler.
6. Unable to have children.
7. A bad guy.

Just FYI, fanfic writers.
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1. He's nice.
2. He cares about Christine.
3. He's willing to risk his life to save his true love.
4. He's not afraid to express his emotions.
5. He doesn't kidnap people.
6. He doesn't kill people.
7. He doesn't threaten Christine.
8. I can relate to him.
9. Wasn't Erik who got soaked to the skin and tied to a portcullis in the 2004 movie, now, was it?
10. He has an Ingenious Plane.
11. He's frequently mistreated by the fandom.

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This is largely an experiment to see whether (a) I can post to a community other than my own home page on Dreamwidth and (b) whether I can manually embed a video into a page.

It's a link to Raoul is a Hero on YouTube -- with some very clever matching of lyrics and movie footage!


Jun. 9th, 2017 07:44 am
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As you might have guessed, this is a community for fans of Raoul de Chagny from The Phantom of the Opera. We're a rare breed, but we exist.


Because I am sad to see how little Raoul/Christine fanfiction is out there, compared to the endless Erik/Christine fanfiction, some of which is even published. I am enraged by people bashing Raoul for things that are not his fault or just plain not true. (I'm not saying he doesn't have his flaws, like any good character, but the bashers hardly ever focus on those.) I am sick of Raoul being vilified in fanfic. I am tired of feeling like the only R/C shipper in the world, even though I know I'm not.

I like Erik, too. I love Erik! He's a fascinating and tragic character, but let's face it, he is not good boyfriend material.

No disrespect is intended to E/C shippers. If that's what you like, then fine. I personally can't stand E/C, but I probably wouldn't mind the ship as much if it weren't everywhere.

I suspect I'll be the only one here for a while, but if you're a Raoul fan, come in and make yourself at home!

Vive le Vicomte!

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